Great with a drawing tablet!

I just wanted to let you know I LOVE your Microdesk!

I am a costume designer and I often use a drawing tablet in conjunction with the keyboard. I have struggled for years to find a good solution for the best way to arrange my work space.

Thanks to the microdesk, I no longer have to twist or reach over the keyboard to switch tools!

The Microdesk is a great solution for artists and I highly recommend it to anyone who uses a drawing tablet for their job.

Vickie Savanella
Costume Designer
New York

Simple design is working out beautifully

The Microdesk was purchased for me by The Standard, a long-term disability company.  I had brain surgery in 2014  and made it through quite an ordeal.  A new normal has made it necessary to rethink my research and writing practices from an ergonomic perspective.  I am finding new ways to thrive. I am doing vision therapy and improving in small increments.

My neuro optometrist recently reminded me that reading from a computer screen is the toughest work our brain does visually— and suggested using the Microdesk to place printed texts for reading as much as possible.  

I received the Helpful Tips sheet for Microdesk users that you emailed me. They are certainly helpful.  I had never heard the term “micro-pause” but that is definitely what we all should do! 

The Microdesk simple design is working out beautifully!  

Dr. Regina A. Root
Virginia, USA

Everyone in my office wants one

Everyone in my office wants one. Completing spreadsheets has been so much easier with the Microdesk. Thanks for a wonderful work aide. I really don’t know how I survived at work without it.

Karen Brown
Alabama Department of Revenue

I wish I found this product years ago.

I love my Microdesk. The placement of my keyboard and the position of the Microdesk with paperwork, calculator, etc. has helped to alleviate stress on my neck and shoulders from incorrectly stretching and twisting. The microdesk has allowed me to position my keyboard at the correct height and not lose the valuable work space for paperwork. I wish I would have found this product years ago.

Becky Weyer
United States

So functional

The Gooduse Microdesk is such a functional piece of office equipment. There should be one on every desk! We have also received great service from this company.

Helen Luckie
New Zealand

Exactly I wanted

Wow!!! really amazing, this is what exactly I wanted, Kudos to the Microdesk team, very easy installation, comfort, space saving, easy maintanance what not..there are many uses. Thank you MICRODESK! I am in love with it now:)!!

Paddy Bevara
Payroll admin
United States of America

This is just AWESOME

This is just AWESOME, my staff and I all have these and we have done away with the old bulky paper stands we used to hold our documents to allow for typing. This is so much better since you have everything right at your visual pleasure and need. Thank you so much for a great product!

Roxana Taylor

Remarkable difference in posture

The Microdesk is a welcomed device to our office. I sit at the computer over 50 hours a week, working consistently from paper.

In the very short time I have been using the Microdesk I have notice a remarkable difference in posture, ability to manage paperwork and key board. I no longer have to stretch, turn or twist around work at my desk. No doubt visits to the chiropractor will decrease.

I can only be grateful for the ingenious invention and production of the Microdesk

I will be sharing my experience with those around me for years to come.

Fiona Jellard
Strata Manager

Anywhere I'm working will buy one!

A good product to be put over my desk in France! Anywhere i'm working i will buy one!

Thanks for this.



I don't know what I ever did without one!

I just got a new microdesk and it's been so very helpful that I don't know what I ever did without one! It stores my keyboard under it and gives me much needed room on my desk to spread my work out : )

Tiffany Courville
Finance and Human Resources Officer

So effective & comfortable to use

Great product, simple design yet so effective & comfortable to use.

Saleem Cajee
Public Servant

Reduce back pain

These are very easy to assemble and reduce back pain in the office from having to turn away from my computer to read.

Kendal McCarthy

Much more relaxed position

Fantastic product, made in New Zealand too. Much more relaxed position writing and reading documents while typing. Cheers.

Jim West
Programme Manager

No more sore neck

I love my new writing platform. I struggle with having reports open to the side and having to crane my neck. Now I have them directly in front. No more sore neck. Super easy to put together as well.

Bev Hopper
Nurse Educator

Holds my paperwork securely

The Microdesk is a great product, holds my paperwork securely and I can type easily without straining my neck/shoulders. Brilliant product.

Anna Horridge
Office Administrator

An efficient accessory

I purchased the Microdesk some years ago and it has been on my desk ever since. It is really an efficient accessory for anybody who works with a computer.

Patrick Le Martin
International Manager
AMT Europe

An excellent tool

Is an excellent tool, every single computer desk should have one!

Maria Piedrahita
Office Manager

I don't have to lean over so much

Has cleared up my work space and helped with my back problems because I don't have to lean over so much. Thanks

Daniel Alexander Gray

It's usabiliy is on par with Googling something

I very much like the look and feel of the Microdesk. It's not just asthetic, it is functional. It's usabiliy is on par with Googling something. Easy to use with great results. The paper stays where it is meant to as I need it, creating that all around "Dashboard" feeling required by many in the modern age to facilitate their day-to-day business needs. Thank you

Jeffrey Morahan
Operations Officer

Less strain on the neck and shoulders

As an administrator doing lots of typing and data entry; having the microdesk makes it so much easier and a lot less strain on the neck and shoulders from having to twist sideways. Great for if you deal with a lot of paperwork!

Kate Clapperton Rees
Office and Administration Manager

Finish the paper war! Great product!

I have introduced the Microdesk to many of my colleagues in the past 2 years. Working in the resources industy, drawings come on A3 paper and are so much easier to manage/ review on the Microdesk... I have even put photos of meaning on the underside as an incentive to get to the bottom of the pile - finish the paper war! Great product!

Alison Jarvis
HSE Manager

Maximises use of space

I recenly recieved a Microdesk and think they are a great tool for a workstation - maximises use of space and helps with reducing stress of repetitive tasks :)

Rozmarin Simich

My pain has improved

My job entails reading medical records the whole day. I was experiencing such bad neck pain from bending my neck to read. I had to undergo physio a number of times a week to help with the pain plus numerous pain killers. I made a report to my OH&S officer who recommended me the Microdesk. Since using it, my pain has improved to such an extent that I barely take any medication and have not had to go for physio. Thank you for such a great product.

Jessica Piadasa
Clinical Coder

Microdesk has really helped get my posture right

The Microdesk is great! just recovered from a back opperation and the Microdesk has really helped get my posture right and reduce strain on my lower back. Thanks.

David Griffiths
Project Manager

The Microdesk is invaluable

I believe in this product.  For people whose eyes do not focus at variable distances anymore, (and that’s anyone over forty) and for people with bad backs OR BOTH, the Microdesk is invaluable.  For these kinds of people, the Microdesk greatly reduces data entry time and minimizes pain producing postures. 
The rubberized straight edge ruler prevents you from losing your place on the source document and is therefore a big part of this product.  I’m a CPA tax return preparer and was very pleased this last tax season to have the Microdesk to help me with all substantial data entry projects.  I look forward to using it in the future.

Jacob Dowle
CPA Tax Return Preparer
United States of America

No more neck or shoulder pain

I just LOVE my Microdesk. I take this piece of equipment with me to all my jobs - it's light and easy to store when not in use. No more neck or shoulder pain. All documents easy to read without turning my head. I also have one for use at home on our PC. Especially great for using spreadsheets. Thank you.

Mary-Ann Holt

Never regretted this purchase!

Thanks to your representative who actually came to check on my correct posture and chair and after seeing how I was straining my neck towards my other document holder suggested the Microdesk. It is fabulous. I have alerted many others in my offices to use it and never regretted this purchase!

Loretta Schar
South Australian Courts

Simple and easy to assemble

The Microdesk was was simple and easy to assemble. It was recommended by my therapist who was treating my shoulder and back injury which I got from working long hours at a desk. With a Microdesk, I no longer have to turn my neck sideways when typing information from a file thus preventing further injuries.

Chantal Lo-Ngok
Public Servant


I could sing my Microdesk's praises all day...
I went searching for a decent document holder as constant 10-12 hour shifts in front of a computer had me aching all over, and drowning in paperwork. 
Firstly, the Microdesk is IN-LINE! With my screen being so wide and at some work stations having two, it's never been more important (for my neck's sake) to maintain in-line document/screen position.
The next most fabulous feature is my microdesk slides swiftly toward me for easy scribing AND my keyboard & mouse also disappear under my microdesk creating space for that never ending pile of filing to be sorted! (And also to save lunch crumbs lodging in-between the keys!)
The writing/reading lip choice is perfect for writing anything of substantial length/holding large documents in place.
Not only has my microdesk greatly alleviated neck and back pain by eliminating leaning, hunching and twisting - it also helps me organise a heavy load of paperwork every ...

Sarah Brown

Light weight, easy to position

Excellent addition to my office arsenal - would recommend to all users requiring to work from paper - many thanks for a light weight, easy to position tool.

Frosty Theron
Engineering Planning Assistant

An absolute wonder of an item

Ordered the Microdesk and it is an absolute wonder of an item, reduces all twisting and neck strain previously encountered whilst completing everyday tasks. Many thanks.

Rebecca Gasparini
Service Quality Analyst

I'm now not going back home with tired eyes, pain in fingers/joints

Isn't this little desk very handy? YES absolutely.....makes job easier and faster and it calm my wrist to help me while my hands, eyes and body do the office work and I'm now not going back home with tired eyes, pain in fingers/joints etc.

THANKS FOR THIS VERY USEFUL EQUIPMENT.....and as its clear to view through...there is no need to move it around.....very handy!
Keep up the good work!
Sesipa Mausia
Office Employee
New Zealand

I am so glad to have this product

I am so glad to have this product. I suffer from a bad back and I know this has made a big difference.

Jane Thomson

Fantastic invention

Fantastic invention. I don't need to twist my neck to do my notes. Saves my desk space and keeps me focussed straight ahead!

Daniel de Bruyn
Queensland Health

I can store notes and other things underneath

The Microdesk elimates twisting and turning. The clear platform means I can store notes and other things underneath as they are still easily read. A great spacesaver!

Shelley Solomon
Administration Assistant

Sturdy, looks good and is functional.

The Microdesk has proved to be every bit as useful and practical as I had hoped for. It is sturdy, looks good and is functional.

Alison Ridge
Registered Nurse

Great for organising your notes and papers

I use the Microdesk as often as possible. It is great for organising your notes and papers that face you directly. I initially thought this would take up space but incredibly it increases and maximises your work area. Well done, simple and effective.

Rob Calandra
Business Analyst

I missed it so much that I had to order another one

I previously had a Microdesk and then was without it for some time. I missed it so much that I had to order another one and actually referred another fellow worker on to it! It is brilliant and enables me to do my work without having to twist and turn, which is not good for my back and neck.

Kathy Campbell
Administration Assistant
South Australia Health

What a great product

So easy to set up!  What a great product.

Sarai Vallaydam
Sales Rep

Thank you

I first started using one of your microdesks about 3 years ago after suffering pains in my neck and shoulder. I was off work for about a month and then gradually returned to full-time work over the course of the next couple of months. I found that by using the microdesk, I did not have to keep leaning over to one side of my keypad to read the information I was inputting. For the next couple of years I was pain free, no matter how much overtime I was doing. Then the February earthquake struck my work building although everyone got out OK. However, some of our possessions were lost. I have been working out of a series of temporary buildings since then and have suffered a return to my former neck and shoulder pains. A couple of weeks ago my Microdesk was located in my former office although it had been damaged and was missing some parts. I am really grateful that you have offered to send me the missing parts so that I can again use my Microdesk and once again be pain free. This is anot...

Laura Wilson
New Zealand

Great Space saver

Great Space saver for my desk! Definitely makes typing from notes easier. Thanks :)

Angela Ackerstaff

A great innovation

Very happy with the micordesk, now i'm spending longer at the desk, a great innovation. Thank you.

Sarah Redpath
Clinical nurse

Once I received my microdesk the pain was gone!

Excellent product! I had a sore back from having my workstation set up incorrectly. Once I received my microdesk the pain was gone! would recommend!

Jessica Cattroll
Learning and Development Administrator

Easy to install with very clear instructions

I just received a Microdesk this morning. It was very easy to install with very clear instructions. It will assist me to read documents at eye level and to write messages while on the phone. As it is raised up above my keyboard it does not obstruct my keyboard or vision. The non slip ruler is very useful.

I already could not be without one-on day 1! Other staff are very envious and want a Microdesk also!
Jan Erven
Health Manager
NSW Health

Bloody fantastic!

This desk thingee is bloody fantastic! I am so relieved that I have it after working for a year using a folder propped on my hard drive. I think its worth 10 times what I paid for it.

Dianne Barry
Administration Support Officer

A workstation that doubles as storage area

In a corporate office environment that has limited space, having a workstation that doubles as storage area has absolutely changed my working life for the better. Using the Microdesk I can now keep important documents (To Do lists etc) right in front of me without them getting lost amongst the other documents 'filed' around my workspace.

Paul Hadden
Account Executive
Fairfax Media

Thank you so much

Thank you so much for you friendly and helpful customer service - The Microdesk rulers are great. We work with spreadsheets alot and having them has been a bonus. Thanks!

Julie Williamson & Marketa Brejcha
Sales Administration
Veolia Environment Solutions

Recommended by our local physio

We have been using Microdesks at the council for approximately 5 years after they were recommended by our local physio and workstation assessor.  They have been an immensely popular product here and are used by a large number of staff who have commented on the benefits received when they begin using them (minimising constant turning movements and ease of viewing working documents).  I have used the Microdesk now for 4 years and would not be without it.
It's also great to know that we are supporting a company with New Zealand made products.

Leah Hauraki
Senior HR Officer
West Coast Regional Council
New Zealand

OT's recommend this product for all staff

OT's recommend this product for all staff when they complete worksite assessments at ACC as it is great for prevention of injuries - great Health & Safety.
I find its use invaluable in my daily work.  It allows me to place the document that I am working on in front of me and saves me from having to turn my neck from my desk to my computer screen. I only need to move my eyes.  It is extremely sturdy therefore allowing me to write required information on the document I am working on.  I like the fact that you can adjust the height and angle also.

Judith Delaney
New Zealand

In use for over 450 employees

Our Company, an office-based financial services organisation, has been using the Good Use Company’s Microdesk™ since 2001. Over the last four years we have purchased over four hundred and fifty Microdesks to help employees improve their comfort while using their computer workstation.
I have found the Microdesk™ to be particularly useful for people that use the computer while referring to large files, folders and documents. 
People using the Microdesk™ have reduced discomfort as they are able to maintain neutral spinal postures while they work. They:
  • do not twist and bend to reach paperwork on the desk to the side of their computer
  • do not bend over documents and files kept flat on the desk top
  • do not stretch to reach a keyboard that has been positioned behind a pile of paperwork
The Microd...
Cathy Wilson-Fry
Dip Physiotherapy, Post Grad Dip Manip., Master of Health Science
New Zealand

Ergonomic accessories that one should not be without

The Microdesk™ and Step Microdesk™ have proved to be ergonomic accessories that one should not be without when computer work tasks require significant amounts of time referencing hard copy documents. Not only does it serve as a heavy duty document holder for papers, books, binders (amoung others); it also serves as a sturdy, adjustable platform for writing activities.
It enhances correct,  in-line work postures and has been one of this consultant's and his associates best weapons against the, "War On MSD's"!

Art Plumstead, PT, CIE
ErgoFed Associates'
United States of America

Easing the strain

For the last couple of years I have been using your Microdesk™ at work and have been very pleased with it .
You made it very easy to adjust. I adjusted the height and slope to fit my desk when I received the Microdesk™ and have not had to change it since.
The Microdesk™ is wide enough to hold the papers or books I want to refer to (or sometimes copy from) while writing at my computer. The lip prevents them from falling off. The height of the Microdesk™ is suitable for glancing back and forth from book or paper to screen.
Because the work I am referring  to is therefore directly related to my line of vision, I no longer get a sore neck from continually looking to one side and back again.
I also often write onto a paper resting on the Microdesk™, when jotting something down or making notes from the screen. Again, I find this eases the strain on my shoulders, arms and neck which I used to experience from making notes while leaning awkwardly to one side of...

Ailsa Cornell
Communications Officer

Loving the simplicity

Love the simplicity and clean lines. Doddle to assemble which is always good.

Tom Donaldson
Project Manager

Freed up space and increased comfort

I am self employed and have an office in my home where space is limited, particularly around my computer desk.
Prior to having the Microdesk™, when working at my PC I would put papers I needed to refer to on a chair to my side. I was constantly turning to the side to refer to the papers and shuffle them around. With Microdesk™ I can now place these papers in front of me and they are at an angle that allows me to read and refer to them, and move them without uncomfortable movements.
The Microdesk™ has allowed me to use the space above my laptop that was previously wasted space.
The Microdesk™ has created more space for me on my PC desk. When it is removed there is no room for my papers and I'm back to papers being all over the place and not easy to access comfortably.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 16 March 2010 22:56

Judy Whiteman
New Zealand

Microdesk Is My Unassuming Hero!

I have degenerative spinal issues which have been causing me significant aches and pains when I work at my Laptop Docking Station for the day. Other document holders required me to hold my neck in uncomfortable positions, or didn't accommodate my A3 pages, but I have now met my perfect match!

The Microdesk™ has become an integral part of my workspace to the point where I am initially surprised when colleagues ask me about it. I assume everyone has one!

The adjustable nature of the Microdesk™ allows it to sit neatly over my Laptop in it's raised docking station, and below my stand alone screen . This brings any document placed on Microdesk™ into perfect alignment with my screen and directly into my field of view. It feels very natural!

My keyboard also sits neatly at the Microdesk™ front edge. I especially love the rubber backed ruler which guides my eye and controls those wayward pages focusing my attention where I need it.

I have tried many o...

Claire P Bradley
Business Resiliency Manager

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