I could sing my Microdesk's praises all day...
I went searching for a decent document holder as constant 10-12 hour shifts in front of a computer had me aching all over, and drowning in paperwork. 
Firstly, the Microdesk is IN-LINE! With my screen being so wide and at some work stations having two, it's never been more important (for my neck's sake) to maintain in-line document/screen position.
The next most fabulous feature is my microdesk slides swiftly toward me for easy scribing AND my keyboard & mouse also disappear under my microdesk creating space for that never ending pile of filing to be sorted! (And also to save lunch crumbs lodging in-between the keys!)
The writing/reading lip choice is perfect for writing anything of substantial length/holding large documents in place.
Not only has my microdesk greatly alleviated neck and back pain by eliminating leaning, hunching and twisting - it also helps me organise a heavy load of paperwork every single day.

Sarah Brown