Microdesk Is My Unassuming Hero!

I have degenerative spinal issues which have been causing me significant aches and pains when I work at my Laptop Docking Station for the day. Other document holders required me to hold my neck in uncomfortable positions, or didn't accommodate my A3 pages, but I have now met my perfect match!

The Microdesk™ has become an integral part of my workspace to the point where I am initially surprised when colleagues ask me about it. I assume everyone has one!

The adjustable nature of the Microdesk™ allows it to sit neatly over my Laptop in it's raised docking station, and below my stand alone screen . This brings any document placed on Microdesk™ into perfect alignment with my screen and directly into my field of view. It feels very natural!

My keyboard also sits neatly at the Microdesk™ front edge. I especially love the rubber backed ruler which guides my eye and controls those wayward pages focusing my attention where I need it.

I have tried many options over the years to create the perfect ergonomic environment for my work. The Microdesk™ has provided the perfect finishing touch leaving me relaxed at the end of a working day.

No more knots in my neck and shoulders for my husband to untangle when I get home!

Last Updated on Tuesday, 16 March 2010 23:20

Claire P Bradley
Business Resiliency Manager