Straight Side Accessory Pack

Straight Sides with sit stand

A Straight Side accessory pack allows either the Regular or Compact Microdesk to be converted into a new Microdesk model - the Step Microdesk. 

Designed for use with a keyboard tray or on split level desks, such as portable sit-to-stand units, the Step Microdesk has straight, flat sides that 'step' down onto a lower desk level. With this model, the longer legs are placed at the front of the platform with the shorter ones at the rear. The Step Microdesk works particularly well with Varidesk and Ergotron sit-to-stand units.

Straight Sides are also effective for people with especially low monitors, on a standard flat desk. Using the Straight Sides and placing the long feet at the rear means that the Microdesk will not obscure the users screen. This is particularly useful for shorter people or those who use graduated lenses.  


  • Surface: Same as either the Regular or Compact Microdesk 

  • Front height adjusts from 80mm - 125mm (3" - 5")

  • Rear height adjusts from 80mm - 125mm (3" - 5") 

Straight Sides Open Carton