In use for over 450 employees

Our Company, an office-based financial services organisation, has been using the Good Use Company’s Microdesk™ since 2001. Over the last four years we have purchased over four hundred and fifty Microdesks to help employees improve their comfort while using their computer workstation.
I have found the Microdesk™ to be particularly useful for people that use the computer while referring to large files, folders and documents. 
People using the Microdesk™ have reduced discomfort as they are able to maintain neutral spinal postures while they work. They:
  • do not twist and bend to reach paperwork on the desk to the side of their computer
  • do not bend over documents and files kept flat on the desk top
  • do not stretch to reach a keyboard that has been positioned behind a pile of paperwork
The Microdesk™ is easy to use as:
  • it can be positioned behind or over the top of the keyboard
  • it allows a person to easily write on files or documents as its gentle slope does not force the wrist into awkward positions
Touch typists have the ability to keep the Microdesk™ over the top of their keyboard and increase the amount of usable room on their desktops.
People who are not touch typists are able to keep the Microdesk™ behind the keyboard when typing and easily slide the Microdesk™ closer to them (over the top of the keyboard) if they are spending time reading information from it or writing on it.
I highly recommend the use of the Good Use Company’s Microdesk™ by any person using a computer workstation who wants to improve their comfort and reduce their risk of pain and injury. 

Last Updated on Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Cathy Wilson-Fry
Dip Physiotherapy, Post Grad Dip Manip., Master of Health Science
New Zealand