Thank you

I first started using one of your microdesks about 3 years ago after suffering pains in my neck and shoulder. I was off work for about a month and then gradually returned to full-time work over the course of the next couple of months. I found that by using the microdesk, I did not have to keep leaning over to one side of my keypad to read the information I was inputting. For the next couple of years I was pain free, no matter how much overtime I was doing. Then the February earthquake struck my work building although everyone got out OK. However, some of our possessions were lost. I have been working out of a series of temporary buildings since then and have suffered a return to my former neck and shoulder pains. A couple of weeks ago my Microdesk was located in my former office although it had been damaged and was missing some parts. I am really grateful that you have offered to send me the missing parts so that I can again use my Microdesk and once again be pain free. This is another step towards getting back to normality in this badly damaged city of ours. Thank you.

Laura Wilson
New Zealand