Easing the strain

For the last couple of years I have been using your Microdesk™ at work and have been very pleased with it .
You made it very easy to adjust. I adjusted the height and slope to fit my desk when I received the Microdesk™ and have not had to change it since.
The Microdesk™ is wide enough to hold the papers or books I want to refer to (or sometimes copy from) while writing at my computer. The lip prevents them from falling off. The height of the Microdesk™ is suitable for glancing back and forth from book or paper to screen.
Because the work I am referring  to is therefore directly related to my line of vision, I no longer get a sore neck from continually looking to one side and back again.
I also often write onto a paper resting on the Microdesk™, when jotting something down or making notes from the screen. Again, I find this eases the strain on my shoulders, arms and neck which I used to experience from making notes while leaning awkwardly to one side of the keyboard.
Thank you for designing such a useful product.

Ailsa Cornell
Communications Officer